Rock wool insulation installation
Rock wool insulation installation

Jun 15,2017

Rock wool insulation installation

1.Process: grass-roots treatment → measuring line → stone keel separation, installation → cutting rock wool board → paste rock wool board and plastic expansion bolts → rock wool board hidden inspection and acceptance → dry hanging stone, glue → curtain wall Special acceptance.

2.In accordance with the requirements of the external walls of the building design stone keel measurement line, and the installation of stone keel.

3.Rock wool board cutting, installation: in accordance with the spacing of stone keel rock wool board cutting, and from the bottom up along the horizontal horizontal staggered paving. From the corner of the wall began to staggered vertical fixed plate. Corona interlocking at the angle of yin and yang. Doors and windows at the four corners of the rock wool board shall not be spliced, should be the whole rock wool board cutting forming incision and the vertical plate, the corner of the wall using the same insulation board paste fixed. Board should be staggered under the arrangement, staggered distance 1/2 board length. The width of the embedded rock wool board shall not be less than 150mm.

4.Rock wool board fixed: rock wool board anchor installed into the structural wall depth of not less than 50mm. 8 × 120mm plastic expansion bolt anchor, the use of hammer in the external wall drilling, aperture 12mm; hole depth of 120mm (including the thickness of the insulation board), the rock wool board and the external wall closely. After anchoring points, the surface of rock wool board should be 1 ~ 2mm. Anchoring point of the arrangement: in the rockwool four corners and horizontal joints are set in the middle of the anchor point. Anchor bolt installation longitudinal spacing 300mm, horizontal spacing 400mm, plum-shaped arrangement, the grass-roots corner of the corner to 200mm spacing, and to meet the design and related standards.

5.Rain, tidal measures: the rock wool board construction at the top of the top did not hang stone before the plastic, covered with plastic cloth that is good, to prevent the rain leaking inside the rock wool board.

6.A single bolt to check the tensile bearing capacity of the standard value is greater than or equal to 0.3kN.

7. Construction of the professional work should be closely with the reasonable arrangements for the process, is strictly prohibited upside down operations.

8.Should prevent heavy objects hit the wall and damage the rock wool insulation board, once found in time to repair.

9.Iinter-layer fire: floor in each floor of the floor elevation, along the wall around the wall set up a layer of fire isolation and isolation zone, because the outer surface of the stone from the outer wall of 200mm gap, in order to prevent the fire after the fire From the gap to the upper layer of the spread, so the interval between the fire isolation zone, the material used 1.2mm thick galvanized steel plate 50mm thick fire insulation mineral wool board, galvanized steel plate with a nail fixed on the external wall, nail spacing 500mm, the other end Ride on the horizontal angle keel fixed.